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Welcome to Robinson Appraisal!

We are a full service real estate appraisal company serving Michigan home owners. We work with a wide variety of customers, title companies, realtors and lending companies throughout Michigan.

We pride ourselves on trust and integrity and are proud to stand by our home valuations as true and accurate.

Feel free to call us anytime to talk to us about our appraisal process, and to set up your appraisal, or you can order an appraisal online by clicking here.
What is your home's true value?
Robinson Appraisal & Associates will provide a professional, unbiased estimate of your home's fair market value.
   We're here when you need us!

  • Purchase a Home
  • Refinance or Home Equity Loan
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Removal
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Investments: Multi-Family, Small commercial
  • New construction
  • Estate Planning/Liquidation
  • Employee Relocation
  • Selling a Home
  • Pre-Listing Appraisals
  • Residential Consulting






Robinson Appraisal &
 Associates provides top
 quality valuation services
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