The report will include:

  • Photos of the appraisal property.

  • A sketch of the appraisal property. 

The report will identify:

  • The client and other intended users.
  • The intended use of the report.
  • The purpose of the assignment.
  • The type and definition of the value reported.
  • The effective date of the appraiser’s opinions and conclusions.
  • Relevant property characteristics:
    • Location attributes.
    • Physical attributes.
    • Legal attributes.
    • Economic attributes.
    • The real property interest valued.
    • Non real estate items included in the appraisal such as: personal property, including trade fixtures and intangible items.
    • All known: easements, restrictions, encumbrances, leases, reservations, covenants, contracts, declarations, special assessments, ordinances, and other items of a similar nature.
    • Division of interest, such as: fractional interest, physical segment and partial holding.
    • The scope of work used to complete the assignment.

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